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10x breakfast in Rotterdam

Are you looking for the best breakfast in Rotterdam? Look no further! We have selected the best spots in town to start your day right. Because who wouldn’t want to walk in somewhere and be greeted by the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and croissants? Whether you’re just visiting Rotterdam or living here, a good breakfast is always a must. Read the top 10 breakfast spots in the city.

1. De Brunch Club

One of the best breakfast spots in Rotterdam has to be The Brunch Club. It’s one of the locals’ favourites for a reason. Though popularity comes with a price; you better come early as they don’t take reservations anymore. But it’s worth it! This trendy place serves the most delicious breakfasts, such as French toast, smoothie bowls and fresh salmon sandwiches. 

Address De Brunch Club: Zaagmolenkade 15, 3035 KD Rotterdam

2. All day breakfast at Lilith

Lillith is especially for the pancake lovers, because they serve the best ones. The locals of Rotterdam call the ‘pancake heaven’ as their selection is to die for. Whether you’re in the mood for Matcha pancakes or the classic American style ones, they have the right one for you. They also serve savoury sandwiches and have a fantastic brunch menu (for those who like to sleep in). 

Address Lillith: Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, 3014 GJ Rotterdam

3. Louise petit - Déjeuner

Swap Rotterdam for Paris! Escape the business of the city centre and feel as if you’re in France, because their classic style French crêpes, omelettes and macarons will certainly do the trick. Want a bite of that French breakfast? Then you better be on time, because they only do walk-ins. 

Address Louise petit – Déjeuner: Veerhaven 12b, 3016 CJ Rotterdam

4. Served

Served, the first coffee bar of the Coolsingel in the centre of Rotterdam, opened in 2018. And for all early risers; this is the place to go. Enjoy your first cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast from 7 o’clock onwards! And it’s also the perfect spot to open your laptop to answer a quick email since the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Are you more in the mood for a party or are you in citytrip in Rotterdam? Good news! They serve cocktails all day long…

Address Served: Coolsingel 8, 3011 AD Rotterdam


5. Man Met Bril

Man Met Bril is quite the staple in Rotterdam. For years it’s been the place to go if you’re on the hunt for a special cup of coffee, because you see the entire coffee process right in front you. From bean to espresso. And if you’re lucky, you enter the cafe right as they are grinding fresh beans… Welcoming you with that classic morning smell – fresh coffee. Their coffees are amazing, and so is their breakfast menu!

Address Man Met Bril: Vijverhofstraat 70, 3032 SN Rotterdam

6. Sajoer

Are you looking to swap those classic style sandwiches for something more special? Go to Sajour! They serve you the most beautiful looking (and tasty) acai bowls, oats and more. Combine your colourful breakfast with a fresh juice and start your day off with all the vitamins you can ask for. This hotspot is close to Vroesenpark; perfect for your morning walk. 

Addresses Sajoer:

  • Centre: Botersloot 46a 3011 HH Rotterdam
  • Blijdorp: Statenweg 141d 3039HL Rotterdam

7. Hotel New York

The iconic Hotel New York in the south of Rotterdam has beautiful views overlooking the Maas river and parts of the port. It’s no wonder you’re served a delicious breakfast but with a twist – it’s a buffet! Luckily, you can have breakfast here even when you’re not sleeping here, so eat your heart out with the wide selection of sandwiches, juices and sweets. And a cup of coffee, of course.

Address Hotel New York: Koninginnenhoofd 1, 3072 AD Rotterdam

8. Mecca

Expect a delicious range of vegetarian breakfasts inspired by the Silk Route. Mecca makes all of their meals and bites fresh and with love, and everything from scratch. This breakfast hotspot lies in a calm spot in the ‘Oude Noorden’ district of Rotterdam. In the morning, people from all over come here to meet up with friends or to do some work. All while enjoying an authentic chai. 

Address Mecca: Noordsingel 39, 3035 EJ Rotterdam

9. Koffiebar Namaste

At Koffiebar Namaste, they serve breakfasts from all outskirts of the world: order a za’atar croissant or a Tokyo-style toasty with tuna and wasabi. It makes Namaste one of the most special breakfast hotspots in Rotterdam that next to daring dishes, also serves great coffee. We’re giving them added bonus points for having an all-day breakfast menu. So if you love to sleep in – they’ve got you. 

Address Koffiebar Namaste: Sumatraweg 13b, 3072 ZP Rotterdam

10. UEB West

Are you looking for the ultimate coffee hotspot in Rotterdam? UEB West has got you covered. Here, on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, you find the Urban Espresso Bar. If you’re expecting a ‘normal’ bean, think again! Because UEB West serves coffee blends of the Rotterdam based coffee roasters Giraffe, which guarantees a special cup of coffee. It’s also a great spot to enjoy pitas, omelettes or their home-made cakes. 

Address UEB West: Nieuwe Binnenweg 263, 3021 GD Rotterdam

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