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Nice to meet you, our names are Paul & Laura! Welcome to our site, and welcome to the wonderful city of Rotterdam. We have a shared love for travelling and food, which has brought us to many places around the globe.

Wherever we go, we are always very aware of the fact that true connection means interacting with local people. The warmest and most lasting memories we have are of meeting new people and getting to know them. To bring this sense of connection to our own home town of Rotterdam, we decided to start a tour company that focuses on tasting as well as seeing the city. There is no better way to get to know someone than to sit down with a tasty bite or drink and chat away. So this is what we offer: a genuine connection while you enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the city. All we need is you :).

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Meet the people who will be taking you on your culinary adventure!

Paul is originally Irish, but after living his whole life here he feels like a true Rotterdammert. His favourite drink is still Guinness, though.

Laura is a globetrotter in every sense of the word. She loves getting lost.

Daniel is fitter than the rest of us put together. He is also the undisputed king of selfies, a.k.a. 'Danielfies'.

Rodger's grandfather had a shop on the Kruiskade in the 30's, which makes him our most authentic Rotterdammert. Ask him anything, even in French, he'll know.

Ina is Austrian, but like Paul feels like a true Rotterdammert. She can speak fluent German and can also help you out with any spine problems you might have.

Ruud is probably our most relaxed guide. But don't let his calmness fool you, he can break out into song at any given moment!

Adrien has won many fans in his time with us. Is it because he can speak fluent Dutch, English, French and Spanish, or is it just because he's ultra cool? We'll let you decide.

Another Laura, another globetrotter in our midst. She can tell you all about yoga and mindfulness, but can also get quite passionate if presented with a good curry.

Astrid is probably our most experienced tour guide. She will also tell you all about art, poetry, music, and, of course, cocktails.

Half Indonesian, half English, whole Rotterdammert. She actually makes better Indonesian food than most of the places we've been to.

Sabine is our Benjamin. She loves cycling really, really fast and making cool social media posts (preferably not at the same time though :)).

When she's not doing food tours, Arabella is mainly making this world a better place. She also makes a mean bean burger and loves anything involving jazz music.

Marsel can probably tell you more about Rotterdam's buildings and art than any of us. This is most probably because he designs buildings and makes art himself. Luckily he also likes doing food tours.

Tim loves history, and Rotterdam, and food. So who better to tell you about the history of Rotterdam while you eat delicious food?
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