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The #1 delicious Delft Food Tours 

Delft is one of the most important cities in Dutch history, and its streets and buildings still breathe this rich past. Book a tour with us and let us take you on a delicious cultural food tour of the city. Together with a local guide you will learn all about the architecture, the history, the famous inhabitants and the link with the House of Orange, while you enjoy the best local food in town.

Cheese on Delft Tour
Kibbeling on Delft Tour Willem van Oranje on Delft Tour
Stadhuis on Delft Tour
This city was made for walking

Hike & Bite Tour

Our Delft food tour brings you to the highlights and the hidden gems, while partaking of the finest Dutch delicacies available.

  • 6 stops for bites and drinks
  • about 3,5 hours of walking and eating
  • public and private bookings available
Hungry? grab a bite
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Why Bike & Bite?

There is no better way to get to know someone than to sit down with a tasty bite or drink and shoot the breeze. So this is what we offer: a genuine connection while you enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the city.

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