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Vermeer Food Tour

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The master eats

Vermeer Tour Delft

Johannes Vermeer is certainly one of the most famous Dutch painters ever, and he lived his whole life in Delft. To celebrate the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum we have put together a food tour with bites from his ‘Golden Age’.

What is included:

  • a fascinating tour around Vermeer’s Delft
  • all the tasty bites and drinks
  • enough for a big lunch
  • a professional & passionate guide
  • a bottle of water
  • if necessary an umbrella

Do you want to:

  • know what sweet bites were favourite in his day?
  • find out where the best beer in the city came from (and still does!)?
  • discover the location of the ‘Huisje van Vermeer’?
  • taste the Indonesian influences that were already popular?
  • understand why people thought he was buried standing up?
  • experience much more like the above?

Then join us on this Vermeer tour for a true insight into the master’s life, work and bites!

What do you need:
Suitable clothing and a healthy appetite!

How long will we be hiking & biting:
4 hours.

What time do we leave:
At 11:30.

What does it cost:
€79,- per person.

Where do we meet:
We meet right next to Hugo Grotius on the main market square.

Please be advised that our Vermeer tours run with a minimum of four participants. We will let you know at least two days in advance if the Vermeer tour does not have the required numbers to run.

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