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BiteMe Food Tours

BiteMe Food Tours

  • €39 per person
  • self-guided food tour
  • 6 bites, equivalent to a substantial lunch
  • a drink of your choice at the end of the tour
  • an easy-to-use app for navigation and information

We are very pleased with the launch of our BiteMe food tour app. Now you can discover the culinary hotspots of Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague, and Den Bosch, with many more cities to come.

Taste and experience the city

A self-guided tour via an app designed to guide you on a tasty journey through the Dutch cities, where you’ll discover the coolest spots, with user-friendly features to help you navigate and explore easily. Check out the cities below and be surprised by the city, their stories and its tastiest local dishes.

The BiteMe Self-guided Food Tours

Self-guided Food Tour Rotterdam

Architecture, innovation, culinary hotspots, the port, straight to the point, that’s what Rotterdam is all about. Discover this fantastic city while enjoying delicious snacks.

Self-guided Food Tour Den Bosch

Den Bosch is truly the epitome of coziness in the hospitable south of the Netherlands. The city is known for its charming side streets with nice bars and restaurants, and the legacy of the world-famous artist Jeroen Bosch is palpable everywhere.

Self guided food tours Den Bosch

Self-guided Food Tour Delft

Orange, blue, TU, Vermeer, Leeuwenhoek, Grotius, the list goes on. Embark on a culinary and cultural journey through this beautiful ancient city.

Self-guided Food Tour The Hague

A city known for its royal splendor and historical architecture. Step into the court city, stroll through the streets, and taste what The Hague truly has to offer.

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