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Experience Rotterdam in 7 activities

Planning a city trip to Rotterdam or are you taking a daytrip from Amsterdam to the skyscraper hub of The Netherlands? Good idea! Because there’s enough to do to fill a couple of days – especially if you count the number of delicious restaurants we have here! Explore the city from the water on board of the iconic water taxi or opt for the sky and go to the top of the Euromast tower.

These 7 activities will make your time in Rotterdam extra special.

1. Go on a food tour

Combine visiting the highlights with tasting the different cultures that make Rotterdam so unique by joining a food tour! During the food tour your guide is there to show you around, introduce you to the city’s best restaurants and cafes and tell stories about the city (trust me: they know A LOT!). So, hop on the bike and cycle along the iconic skyline and through small alleyways. Not only will you get a good introduction, but you’ll also be left with loads of tips from your local guide. After all, there’s enough to see and do here.

2. Visit the market

If there’s one thing we Dutchies love, it’s a good market. The Binnerotte market in the centre of Rotterdam does exactly that on every Tuesday and Saturday. Expect lots of locals stocking up on fresh vegetables and fruits, and stall owners trying to sell all their goods. It’s quite a show. Make sure to bring an empty bag and some change, because with the 400 stalls, you’ll probably end up something to take home. Always wanted to try real Dutch cheese? This is the place to be.

Watertaxi in Rotterdam (boot tour Rotterdam)

3. Hop on a water taxi

We might not have the yellow cabs from New York. No, no, we have something much better! Say hello to the yellow water taxis. They’re here to bring you all around town, from Hotel New York (yes, irony…) to the terrace haven ‘Oude Haven’. It’s the quickest way to go from the center to the other side of the river, or even if you want to go from the far West to the East.

Want to combine the water taxi with a beer? Join our Boat & Beer tour. You’ll explore town using the taxis and visit historical beer breweries.

4. Visit the big park

Just on the outskirts of the city is Kralingse Bos; a spacious park-like forest just next to the old neighbourhood of Kralingen (hence the name). So, pop on your comfortable shoes and take a stroll through this 2-acre forest. Say hi to the deer or walk over the Pinetree Path. Gotten a little hungry after all that walking? No worries because there’s enough places to grab a bite or drink, or to enjoy the sun on one of the terraces.

The park also is a great place for a picknick in the sun one of the many grass fields or the special barbeque spots if that’s more your thing. There’s even a sailing school! Enough to keep you busy for an afternoon…

5. See the city from the top

Not many places around the city give you a view as you would on top of the Euromast. The tower that always catches your eye lies quietly in ‘The Park’. Book a time slot up front and take the elevator to the top you get a 360-degree view of Rotterdam. But there’s more! How about dining with such a view? The restaurant invites you for lunch, brunch, dinner, or a luxurious high tea (or high wine!) while you look over the skyline.

Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam

6. Explore the food

One of the most famous landmarks in Rotterdam is the Markthal. The covered market opened its doors in 2014 and is now home to typical Dutch foods and delicacies from all over the world. Try the small Dutch pancakes or go for a Turkish Pide. But even Portuguese sweets are part of the offer… There’s something for everyone.

If you take the tram over the Erasmus Bridge to Kop van Zuid, you’ll find an array of more food options! Think of Foodhallen or Fenix Food Factory.  This old factory is now home to secondhand books, delicious cheese toasties and ‘world’ famous coffee from Rotterdam. It’s a cosy place to grab a coffee or chill after a day of sightseeing with a pizza and a cocktail. There are multiple options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

7. Grab a drink in ‘Oude Haven’

The place where history meets the modern Cube houses: welcome to Oude Haven! The name ‘Old Port’ is completely spot on when you realise you’re in the older port of the city – the first jetty dates back to 1350.

Here you’ll find Michelin restaurants, but also cosy cafes. It’s a mix of people having drinks, catching up with friends and classic café-style foods. And if you’re sitting outside on one of the terraces, you’ll most likely be looking at the older skyscraper of Europe called ‘Witte Huis’ – which has nothing to do with the real White House. In the background you’ll also spot the Willems bridge and a marine museum to complete the picturesque view. The only thing missing is a drink!

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